Volunteer Agreement Terms

Host Organisation: Doers Ltd.


Subject of the Agreement

1.1. In accordance with the terms of this Agreement, the volunteer with his / her knowledge and skills freely and generously carries out community service activities organised by the host organisation, assisting the victims of war in Ukraine.

1.2. According to the previous article, the community service activities shall be carried out by the volunteer in the country he/she resides.


Obligations of the parties

2.1. The host organisation is obliged to:

2.1.1. Introduce appropriate safety measures to the volunteer before starting the volunteer work (Appendix N1)

2.1.2. Explain to the volunteer the measures to be taken by him / her and respond in a timely manner to any notification from the volunteer.


2.2. The volunteer is obliged to:

2.2.1. Implement activities with regard to legal and ethical principles and present agreement;

2.2.2. Provide the information to the host organization in time about the danger or risk that may occur from implementation of activities considered within the agreement of host organization;

2.2.3. Inform the host organization in time of any circumstances that prevent it, from carrying out the activities provided for in the contract with the host organization;

2.2.4. Ensure maximum safety and security measures when volunteering.

2.3. In case volunteer does not comply with safety measures, violating recommendations, endangering both themselves and those around them, the host organization has the authority to remove such volunteer activities and notify appropriate security services as necessary.

2.4 The volunteer's obligation arises automatically as a result of his / her readiness to perform a specific mission, after which he / she is obliged to fully fulfil the received task.

2.5 In case of overcoming an insurmountable obstacle in the process of completing the mission, the volunteer is obliged to inform the host organization about this fact immediately.

2.6 During the mission, the volunteer may be temporarily given various types of products (items, medicines, food, etc.) that are not his property and he is obliged to dispose of them in accordance with the requirements of the mission. In case of damage, improper use or partial / complete misappropriation of the received products, the volunteer will be held liable in accordance with the legislation of Georgia.


Special conditions:

3.1. The volunteer must carry out the voluntary relationship defined in this agreement personally and it is not allowed to transfer it to another person.

3.2. The host organization is entitled to update the mandatory safety measures provided for in Annex № 1 to this Agreement, of which the volunteer must be notified immediately.

Dispute Resolution Procedure:

4.1. The Parties shall make all effort in order to resolve all disputes arising out of the performance of this Agreement through negotiation.

4.2. In case the parties have not reached an agreement, the dispute shall be resolved by the relevant city (district) court in accordance with the rules established by the legislation of Georgia.


Other conditions:

5.1. This Agreement shall enter into force from the date of its ratification.

5.2. The invalidity of any article of this agreement shall not lead to the invalidity of other articles.


Appendix №1

Safety rules

The volunteer is obliged to protect his / her and others' health as much as possible while providing services

The volunteer is obliged to follow safety measures and not to approach a person if his or her or another person’s safety becomes suspicious.

The volunteer is obliged to follow the safety recommendations of the country in which he / she presents.

Avoid close contact with anyone who might use the app inappropriately.

Generally, melancholy, stress, confusion, fear, or anger are normal during a crisis. Take into account the situation of the war victims, try to keep calm accordingly.


Terms of use of the application for beneficiaries (about assistance)

I affirm that I need help to deal with the problems caused by the war. Hereby I confirm that:

A) I will follow the safety rules attached to this statement in order to take care of myself and the volunteers;

B) I will provide Doers Ltd with complete information - including personal information, about my health status or any other situation that is important for my help and protect the volunteer's health.

At the same time, I once again consent to the processing of my personal data by Doers Ltd and to sharing of information necessary to assist relevant persons.


Appendix N2

Safety rules

Given the current situation, it is critical to use the app only when necessary so that volunteers can redistribute their resources as efficiently as possible, especially providing help to vulnerable people.


Current situation needs both consolidation of whole society based on mutual understanding. 


For the beneficiary


  • Health is obliged to protect the health of others and others as much as possible while receiving services

  • Beneficiary has to consider security measures and must not approach person when his/her or others security becomes suspicious

  • Is obliged to follow the security recommendations of the country in which he/she presents.

  • Avoid close contact with anyone who might use application inappropriately.

  • Generally, melancholy, stress, confusion, fear, or anger are normal during a crisis. Try to understand the condition of the war victims,try to be calm accordingly