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Volunteering Fund SAVELIFE


IBAN: UA223226690000026007300905964

Code if Bank: 39696398



So far, we have created the platform with our own funds. Our initiative is totally non - commercial, but we lack sufficient funds to sustain it independently in the long term. Our expenditure rises as the project needs more developers to provide support. We're asking anyone who's willing to help to contribute. Allocated funds will only be used for the application development and further maintenance. Extra funds will be transferred to the National Bank of Ukraine. Through solidarity, we can all triumph.


Beneficiary’s Bank: JSC TBC Bank

Bank Code: TBCBGE22

Beneficiary’s IBAN: GE44TB7526736020100001

Name of Beneficiary: DOERS LLC


For cryptocurrency:

BNB & Smart Chain Coins: 0x3F1911609DeaF2b9b361925323CcBc27F836F820

ETH: 0x3F1911609DeaF2b9b361925323CcBc27F836F820


Doge: DJkFyoREz7e2jrnsmPF5ypxC6xDqPbfT8S


USDT (TRC20): TRj7roNzTpFXRnzy5jDzodbUshG3JCd1Cx



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