Solidarity platform unites people or groups of people, who want to help those affected by circumstances caused by COVID-19 pandemic.



A person, who is in self-isolation or is in a high-risk group and can’t leave her/his house, can place her/his needs and get help from the volunteers. Beneficiaries can place their needs through the application. Those, who can’t use the application, can call our hotline (160 00) and operators will place their needs in the application.



Volunteers, who want to help the beneficiaries, can register through the application, learn safety rules, successfully pass an online test and then they will have access to the platform. They will be able to find the needs of the beneficiaries on the map and offer them their help. Mostly, beneficiaries have primary needs for food and medicines.



The platform is also available for funds and groups, who want to help beneficiaries. They can help beneficiaries already registered on the application or they can place information about their own beneficiaries discovered by themselves. Funds and groups can use the applications and volunteers registered in the application to deliver products to the beneficiaries.

Our experience displayed that the use of the platform significantly simplifies beneficiary identification, volunteer organization, product safe delivery, and fund management process.


Funds and Groups for additional information, please contact us:

  +995 599 443444




The self-organized and fractal structure of the platform enables us to manage the unlimited number of operations in an organized manner. This minimizes the number of unconducted beneficiaries and therefore minimizes damage caused by COVID-19 pandemic.





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